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Hello all!

This is :iconback-off-i-bite: (again)

And you'll have to get used to my ugly mug around here!

Why, you might ask?

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'M THE NEW CHAIRMAN AROUND HERE!!! :dummy:
Chairman? Really? Who came up with that title? It's ridiculous! We'll have to change that once we become a supergroup again! BUT MORE ABOUT THAT LATER!!!

Anyways, on with the exciting news!!!!

So, there's been a lot of moving and shaking around here getting all of the folders cleaned up and rearranged in between getting ready to go back to school/work. And let me tell you, there was plenty of work to be done too!!:icondragoncollapse:  We apologize in advance about anyone's work that might have gotten lost in translation, because we've had to make some room for new stuff.

But now I think we've FINALLY got it into descent shape to start taking submissions once again!

Now, before you all get too excited, I'd like to point out a couple of new things about the gallery...

Firstly, there is a limit of 3 submissions per day. Don't worry if your submission doesn't appear right away in the gallery because now it has to be approved to make sure no one is trying to sneak in more submissions than they are allotted. It's not that we don't trust you, it's just when we were clearing out the old gallery, we found a few people who were submitting things all over the place just to squeeze in all that they could submit and we want to avoid that as much as possible moving forward
-- From now on, we won't tolerate any lazy/spamming submitters. We CAN see how many submissions you are trying to give us and what folder you are trying to submit them to. We will give you a warning the first time we catch you because we know our new system will take a little getting used to (which I'll get to in just a minute)
-- Repeat offenders who try to pull off that kind of thing WILL be kicked.
----3 strikes and you're out!

Next, as I'm sure you all might have noticed, there is a lack of a Traditional and Digital folders... and also photographyand miscellaneousand a couple of other ones.......

Well, there's a reason for that. ==>Since we're (more or less) opening with a fresh start, we thought it'd be appropriate to  do something a bit different. The group is called Art-UNITE, and as such, we feel that there should not be any discrimination between traditional and digital work. We all join groups to find things that interest us, not for how they are made, but of what they are ABOUT!

So, long story short, from now on you can submit anything to pretty much any folder based on the subject matter.


Okay, so for example, say you have a picture you want to share that is all about your favorite pet. Since your picture is about an animal, then you can submit them to the "Animals" folder.
Or, say that you love drawing dragons and all kinds of other mythical things. Well, naturally those would go into the "Fantasy" folder.
and so on and so forth....

Still confused about where to put your work?

My advice to you is to consult the folder descriptions. Every folder has one, and we will post a journal with the specifics, and include it in the group description widget. In other words, there will be plenty of places to find them, so there should be no excuse not to know them

But, in order to get everything back on a roll, here's the basic folder options and descriptions.

Keep in mind that all folders (with the exception of the photography and literature folders) are open for both Traditional and Digital work. Also they are not listed in any particular order at the moment. We'll get everything organized once we finish establishing the types of folders to use.

Anthro ==>
This folder is for both Traditional and Digital Anthro. The definition of Anthro is an animal with human-like characteristics or a human with animal-like characteristics. (Technically) If your art is not about an animal that can walk upright, talk using human-like speech, has human features, or has the bone structure of a human with only some animal traits; then it is not Anthro, and thus should not be submitted to this folder.

Artisan Crafts==>
This is where most 3 dimensional designs can go. This applies to glass blowing, jewelry making, paper folding, Miniatures, ceramics, poetry, metalworking, wood work/furniture making, small scale sculptures, and figurines.

Cartoons and Comics ==>
This folder is intended specifically for material that contain a certain illustrative style that include (but are not limited to) Pages, character design, story boarding, cover art, individual strips, or other humorous material. If YOU do not own the character, did not write the story yourself, or are paying homage to a childhood favorite, you're in the wrong place!
Anything that has to do with preexisting comic franchises (i.e. Marvel, DC, etc.) Does NOT belong in this folder and should be sent to the "Fan Art" folder.

Sketches, WIPs, and Bases ==>
This folder is for pictures that are still largely in the line art stages of production. Whether you were just working on technical sketches for practice, working on a general base for future projects, or just a doodle that you did in the margins of your notebook to kill time, then it goes here.
Progression shots are also acceptable to this folder.

Black and White ==>
This folder is for compositions that are largely devoid of color of any kind.
Whether it's just the style of photography that you like, are not all that fond of coloring, or just prefer the way grey tones make your art look, it can be found here. Minimal color (1-2 small areas) is acceptable, but the majority of the picture must be black in white.

Fan Art ==>
This is the folder where all tribute art can be placed.
Whether you're a fan of a certain comic book character, T.V. show, movie trilogy, game franchise, or just an all around fanatic of pop culture, then your art can be proudly displayed here.

Flash and Animation ==>
This is for both traditional and digital media.
If you are submitting something that is a gif, has a changing background, or has any movement in it whatsoever, it goes here.

Macro ==>
We're ready for our close up!
Rather, we're ready for yours. This folder is dedicated to all things that are up-close and personal. Weather it's and interestingly shaped leaf, or portrait, or whatever! If the subject matter doesn't fit into any other folder (i.e. no figurines, jewelry, shots of a micro-sculpture of any kind), and it's a picture that's super close-up, then it has a home here.

Literature ==>
Have a story that you'd like to share? Well then this folder is the one that you're looking for! We accept all forms of literature: short stories, poems, ballad. fan fiction, or just a rant about your pet peeves.

Manga and Anime ==>
This folder is dedicated to the unique Japanese illustrative style.
This folder can be a dimi-fan art folder for art portraying characters from a Manga or Anime series/game, but can also double as a place to share the manga style story pages if you do not wish to share them in the Comic folder.

Mature ==>
Anything that requires a Mature Tag. (i.e. Nudity, blood and gore, etc.)

Original Characters ==>
Character stat pages, full body design sheets, and pinups.
As long as it is a character that has come from YOUR OWN imagination, it can go here

Animals ==>
This folder is for compositions that strictly revolve around animal subject matter.

Fantasy ==>
If it is straight out of a story book, fresh from a fairy tale, has religious symbolism, or was inspired by mythology, it goes here!
That includes, but is not limited to, gods, angels, demons, dragons, witches, wizards, unicorns, fairies, goblins, dwarves, trolls, giants, vampires, werewolves, griffins, manticores, sytrs, fawns, centaur, and the like.

Horror and Macabre ==>
Whether it's a picture of something out of your worst nightmares, straight out of a horror film, is in any way creepy, dark, blood and gorey, or contains something sinister, it has a special place in hell- er I mean here!

Mixed Media ==>
This folder is for art that contains two or more different mediums.
That does not mean mildly tweaked hand drawn pictures Photoshoped to cover up a few blemishes.
Collages, full on Photomanipulations, or anything else that contains two different kinds of paints, clays, metals, plants, animals, pastels and markers all jumbled up in the same picture are acceptable here.

Advertisements ==>
Help support your fellow members of the art community! Have a contest you want to announce? Need to tell people about your commission prices? Have some adoptable you want to sell? Well just post them here for everybody to see! We aren't afraid of a little shameless advertisement, and neither should you!

Seasonal ==>
Do you have a certain holiday that you love to celebrate? Do you have some art that shows that love? Well show it off here!
This folder is for all things season related. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, new years, St. Valentines day, St. Patrick's day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc. Anything that has a festival of celebration (with the exceptions of birthdays) can go here.

Abstract and Surrealism==>
Abstract = any form of art that does not have a specific subject matter or form. Splatter paint, Fractals, or any other form of expressionism that includes random shapes, forms, colors, etc.
Surrealism=creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images. (In other words the crazy/messed up pictures you made based on your wildest dreams)

Cosplay ==>
This folder is reserved for the art of costumery which resembles characters both iconic and little know in popular culture.
(in other words its letting your inner nerd run loose and accurately dressing up like your favorite character from a video game, movie, manga/anime, or comic book)

Body Art and Tattoos==>
If it includes face painting, body painting, henna, nail design, piercings, tattoos, or tattoo designs/sketches, it goes here.

Textiles and Sewing ==>
If it requires fabric, yarn, a needle or thread and anything and everything else that constitutes the art of sewing and the like, it goes here.
That includes, but is not limited to:
Costumery (that does not qualify as Cosplay related) Plushies, Crocheting, knitting, Quilting, Leather-working, and so forth.

Landscapes and Settings==>
This folder is for natural landscapes, sunsets, horizons, or any other wide range shot. Urban settings such as streets, city outlines, etc are also acceptable. Close up/ focus shots should be submitted to the Photography and Stock folder

Portraits and People ==>
This is the folder where pictures whose subject matter revolves around a person/figure that is in it.

Gifts and Contests ==>
Have a present for a friend's birthday, or just for being an awesome friend?
How about an awesome picture that you made for that friend's contest, or anyone's contest for that matter?
Well then show it off here for everybody to see!

Dynamic and Action ==>
No matter if it's someone charging into battle, kicking some serious can, or just an awesome action shot that you made up, it can go here.

World and Cultural
As long as it depicts an icon from cultural tradition, calligraphy, architecture, or traditional dress/decor/style, it can go here.

Okay, I think that's about it. I've probably overwhelmed you enough for right now ^^; I'll post a journal with more order and details about it later.

We realize that our new system isn't perfect, and there'll probably be plenty of bugs that we'll have to work out as we go along.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the new system the group has, please feel free to let us know! We work to make everything works out as smoothly as possible for you guys.

Thank you for your time and lets get these submissions started!!!

:iconback-off-i-bite: Chairman (founder) of :iconart-unite:
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Group Info

A group for all artists to come together and unite together to help each other. Whether you are an amateur or professional artist this Group can be the right place for you.
This is a place to share hints, tips and comments on others art and help new and old artists make the best out of their work and improve themselves.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 23, 2012


Group Focus
Common Interest

630 Members
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General Info
We are a group for all artists! Whether you are an amateur or professional artist we hope that you'll find that this Group is the right place for you. Our goal is to unite together to help each other. If you want to join, just click the Join Group button at the top of the page. Everyone is welcome! Please tell your friends to join too. We would love to have our community grow.

Submissions Rules
:bulletred: Feature Folder is ONLY for Staff Choice.
:bulletgreen: We accept all art styles.
:bulletorange: You are limited to a maximum of 3 submissions a day
:bulletorange: From now on, we won't tolerate any lazy/spamming submitters.
:bulletorange: We will give you a warning the first time we catch you
:bulletorange: 3 strikes and you're out!
:bulletred: We do NOT want your entire gallery!
:bulletred: Any offensive or inappropriate artwork will not be accepted.
:bulletred: We will NOT keep any artwork of people who have deactivated their accounts, or have left the group!
:bulletred: Do NOT spam us! It is just as annoying as a group as it is as an individual! If you spam us we will block you!

:bulletyellow: We here at Art-Unite try our best to make sure all art is well represented, and have provided numerous folders to include different genres of art.
:bulletred: For organizational and consolidational purposes, we will be limiting the number of folders we provide for submissions.
:bulletorange: Please read the description of each folder BEFORE submitting.

Be Respectful
:bulletblack: This should go without saying
:bulletgreen: We here at Art-Unite hold a high standard for all artists. Please do not be too harsh, trash talk, or disrespect the other artists.
:bulletblack: Thieves are not tolerated in this group! If anyone is caught taking credit for someone else's work, it will result in them being reported and banned from this Group.

For more elaborate details on any of the rules please refer here PLEASE READ! IMPORTANT GROUP UPDATE!!!Hi everybody This is none other than :iconback-off-i-bite: again  :icontardwaveplz:
It's been a while hasn't it?
Well I think it's finally time we changed all of that. We've had a few issues with getting the Founder replaced seeing as the only other guy besides me who was willing to take the position decided to flake on us at the last minute, so the position has yet to be filled. Even if they won't let me step up to be the head honcho around here, I'll still try to be a lot more proactive than I have been lately. It's mostly just going to be up to the co-founders ("directors") and contributors  ("managers") to help run things around here.
I know that's not exactly news to you all, but there are other things that are about to change around here! Such as:
There are a few changes that I feel need to be made to make the group a little more efficient:
For the most part we're keeping all of the old rules. There's just a few things I'd like to add to try and g

Thank you for your support.

Admins of Art-Unite.

Gallery Folders

Gifts and Contests
Body Art and Tattoos
Horor and Macabre
Mixed Media
Abstract and Surrealism
Textiles and Sewing
Wold and Cultural
Dynamic and Action
Sketches, WIPs, and Bases







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