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The Big Boss






Hello all fellow Art-Uniteers! :icontardwaveplz:

This is The Big Boss :iconback-off-i-bite: again!

I've been getting a lot of questions lately from some of our members expressing some confusion about our submission system since the last big over hall of the group gallery. :iconthink-punkplz: Which is totally understandable, I know not everyone uses my same weird organizational system :icontableflipitplz:

So to help ease some of the confusion, I'm putting up this handy journal to help explain what kinds of things can go into the gallery folders we already have.:iconlalist:

Despite all the hard work I've put into trying to cover all of the bases, I'm sure we can still expect this list to be edited as new folders and so forth come up in the future. If any of you see or think of something that I might have missed and would like to be included, by all means let us know so we can include it! :iconintenseworkingplz:

So without further adue, lets get this party started :iconcuteclapplz:


Before we get to the nitty-gritty, I just want to remind everyone about some of the group rules that affect submissions....

Folder Rules

:iconnumber-1-plz: We here at Art-Unite try our best to make sure all art is well represented, and have provided numerous folders to include different genres of art. However, for organizational and consolidational purposes, we will be limiting the number of folders we provide for submissions.
==>:bulletred: That being said, please note that WE DO NOT USE SUB FOLDERS so please do not ask us to put any in the gallery! Having too many folder options makes it harder and more confusing when you're trying to submit your work. Not to mention that it takes up excess space that could be used for more of your work! :icondragonbite2:
====>:bulletgreen: Pick the folder that best fits your work and leave it at that. Don't worry, just because your work isn't stuck in every nook and cranny of our gallery doesn't mean that people won't be able to find your work. They'll still see your work just fine where it is in the right folder. :pat:

:iconnumber2-plz: Don't worry if your submission(s) doesn't appear right away in the gallery.  We are an approval only group so it might take the admins some time to sort through the message stack. If there is something wrong with your submission, we will let you know!

:iconnumber-3-plz: Please let us know if a folder is not letting you submit anything to it so that we can fix them. It may turn out that the folder may be full, or is new and we have forgotten to open them for submissions. We really do appreciate all the submissions you guys make, and want to make sure they get included in our gallery respectfully. :iconfnffellaplz:

:iconnumber4-plz: Please keep in mind that any art that has been put into storage will be removed. If you deactivate your account altogether, will not be keeping any of your art either.:iconwthstorageplz: If we cannot see the picture/respond to the person there is no point in us keeping it in the group.  Nuuuuuuuu by 16thSquadSansekiStorage in my Favs by Zusuriki

:iconnumber-5-plz: If you leave the group, we will throw out any excessive amounts of your work to clear up room for new members. We are reasonable enough where we will keep a handful of your contributions if you have made them for old time’s sake, but anything over a dozen will be subject to being removed. We don’t need non-member/quitters work clogging up our gallery. :iconsweepplz:

:iconnumber6-plz: Do NOT just throw your art into the first folder you think that your art should belong to!!!
====>We really do appreciate your work in our gallery; however, it is very unprofessional to just dump your art into one place over and over and expect someone else to put your art in the right place for you. Much less be able to find and appreciate your work. Take pride in your work and make sure it gets represented respectfully in our gallery by putting it along side other art that complements what your work is about!
If there’s one thing I hate more in a group, it’s lazy submitters. :iconmonkeyrageplz:
This is my group, so I won’t be tolerating any more of that! :stare:

:iconwarningsignplz: Word of warning in advanced, from now on, don't be surprised if you get a decline message for your work: If you ignore the descriptions of what is acceptable, it will be declined. Gone are the days where the admins move your work to the correct folder!
==> We understand that mistakes happen sometimes. We will still notify you that you have misplaced something,  but from here on out we will only be telling you the correct folder your art belongs in and sending a link to this journal. Then it will be up to you to re-submit your work to the correct folder.  :iconspikethumbsupplz:
This rule is mostly for repeat offenders who ignore our messages and continue to submit things incorrectly. If they aren't going to care enough about our group to follow our rules, then we aren't going to care about their art being included in our gallery
====>Believe me, it's as much of a pain to us  having to move everything around as it is to you having to re-submit your work all the time, so please try your best to put things in the right place the first time :icondragoncomfort:
======> If you don't know where something belongs, all you have to do is ask! We will be happy to help you, or even request some of your art to the gallery to show you where it should go.
:bulletblack: Seriously, all of the admins and I really don’t have the time to be moving things around and putting them in their proper places all the time. It’s easier for us to answer your questions. Honestly, despite my username, I’m harmless. If you have a question about where your art should go, by all means please ask!:help: by Jeriko-X

For more detailed descriptions on the group rules, be sure to read our group rules journal, found here Rule and Folder ReduxHello all! :iconexcitedhiplz:
The Big Boss :iconback-off-i-bite: here! Just popping in to update some of the group rules. Nothing much has changed, just elaborating on the old stuff to hopefully clarify what they mean so people won’t get confused anymore. In light of some possible upcoming contests and such I felt that there needed to be a few updates to get everybody up to speed about how things work in the group. Keep in mind that you will need to know/follow the rules if you intend on entering any of our contest, and (obviously) when submitting things in the future. It might be a bit for you to read, but it’s important that you do. You might just find something out that you didn’t know before, but have been wondering about to begin with.
sorry if this one’s not as flashy as some of the other journals I’ve posted, but there was a LOT of ground that I had to cover to make this as iron-clad as possible, so there really wasn’t a lot of room for fancy
and also near the top of the group home page!

Moving on, though!

Some changes were made to folders when you weren't looking... well, most of it is the same, but the descriptions inside of the folders have been updated. Every folder has one, and we are including the list of folders with all of the things that are and are not accepted in each right here! This journal will also be included in the group description widget so that you can refer to what kinds of submissions can go where.

In other words, there will be plenty of places to find them, so there should be no excuse not to know what goes where.

The folders are listed in alphabetical order at the moment. Please keep in mind that their arrangement will be different in the group gallery

Abstract and Surrealism==>

Abstract =any form of art that does not have a specific subject matter or form.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Splatter paint, Fractals, or any other form of expressionism that includes random shapes, forms, colors, etc. :bulletgreen:

Surrealism=creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images. (In other words the crazy/messed up pictures you made based on your wildest dreams)

:iconcheckmarkplz: Psychedelic, optical illusions, trippy images, some photomanipulations, etc :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: This does not mean that you can submit pictures of someone tripping out on drugs, using drugs, or you admitting that it was something you made while you are on drugs. Keep it clean guys :stare::bulletred:

Advertisements ==>

Help support your fellow members of the art community! Have a contest you want to announce? Need to tell people about your commission prices? Have some adoptable you want to sell? Auctioning off that random character you have floating around your gallery? Well just post them here for everybody to see! We aren't afraid of a little shameless advertisement, and neither should you!

:iconcheckmarkplz: This means that Commission sheets/ journals, Auction announcements/deviations, Adoptables, Contest Journals, prints/merchandise that you are trying to sell, etc. are acceptable to submit to this folder. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: No art trades, contest entries, tributes, friends OC’s, or collaborations are allowed in this folder. There are separate folders for those kinds of submissions, and will be rejected if they wind up here. :bulletred:

Animals ==>

This folder is for compositions that strictly revolve around animal subject matter. Just because a picture has an animal in it doesn’t mean that’s what you intended it to be about. But we admins don’t know that, so please be sure to be clear that your submission is in fact an about an/the animal.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Basically anything that has/is about a dog, cat, fish, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, horses, lions, tigers, bears oh my!, monkeys, foxes… well, you get the idea:bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: If the animal is too camouflaged into the background/hiding under something that makes it too difficult to see, we will not accept it. Also, you must depict the ENTIRE animal in some form or another for it to count, any close ups shots of ears, eyes, noses, tails, etc should be placed in the “Macro” folder. :bulletred:

Anthro ==>

The definition of Anthro is an animal with human-like characteristics or a human with animal-like characteristics or vise versa. That basically means that this folder is for any human-animal hybrids.

:iconcheckmarkplz:==>Animals with human qualities= a character that has primarily animal characteristics (i.e still has the face/body of an animal) but still possesses some human-like abilities (i.e is able to talk, stand/walk upright, wears human-like clothing/hairstyles, does human-like activities)

:iconcheckmarkplz:==>Humans with animal qualities= a character that is still recognizably human (i.e has the face/body/ figure of a human) with only a few qualities of an animal (i.e ears, tails, wings, hooves/paws/talons, etc)

:iconletter-xplz: We don’t want to see Furries, Fur suits, Fursonas, or any other kind of human dressed up like an animal here.

:iconletter-xplz: Also, no mythical creatures that have human and animal traits. Since those creatures have already been established, those should be placed in the “Fantasy” folder:bulletred:

Artisan Crafts==>

Did you make something from scratch that just so happens to represent something that takes up 3 dimentional space? Please keep in mind that for something to be considered an artisan craft, it must be something that you fabricated yourself in some way shape or form. Sound like something you made? Then this is the folder for you!

:iconcheckmarkplz: This applies to architectural/interior design, basket weaving, glass blowing, jewelry making, culinary arts, paper folding, paper cutting, collages, miniatures, mosaics, ceramics, pottery, clay work, metalworking, wood work/furniture making, sculpture, micro sculptures, leather work, textural experiments, and so forth.

:star::star::star: Please note that we have a separate folder for needle work and other forms of textiles, as well as a folder exclusively for figurines (anime/character figurines/replicas/Models/custom bionicles that is) Any submissions of that type that wind up here will be rejected. :star::star::star:

Black and White ==>

This folder is for compositions that are largely devoid of color of any kind.

Whether it's just the style of photography that you like, are not all that fond of coloring, or just prefer the way grey tones make your art look, it can be found here. Minimal color (1-2 small areas) is acceptable, but the majority of the picture must be black in white.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Pretty much anything goes here as long as the content of your work is not too intense/needs any filters :bulletgreen:

Body Art and Tattoos==>

Any kind of body art or tattoo design, as long as it does not include any obvious nudity, or excessively obscene content.

:iconcheckmarkplz: If it includes face painting, body painting, henna, nail design, piercings, tattoos, or tattoo designs/sketches, it goes here.:bulletgreen:

Cartoons and Comics ==>

Whether it’s a visual story, or humorous skit, it has a place right here!

If YOU do not own the character, did not write the story yourself, or are poking fun at something from life, you're in the wrong place!

:iconcheckmarkplz: Story pages, cover art, character design, story boarding, individual strips, or other humorous material. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Anything that has to do with preexisting comic franchises (i.e. Marvel, DC, etc.) Does NOT belong in this folder and should be sent to the "Fan Art" folder.:bulletred:

Commissions and Gifts ==>

Thinking of commissioning an artist, but don’t know where to find one that does commissions/ want see what kinds of commission work they do?

Have a present for a friend's birthday, or just for being an awesome friend?

Then your art can find a home right here!

:iconcheckmarkplz:Commissions= Art that you have paid (or in some cases traded other art) for someone to make for you.
:star::star::star:Please note that this folder is for completed commissions only! Commission price sheets, unsold adoptables, and other information trying to get people to but commissions from you should go into the "Advertisements" folder.:star::star::star:

:iconcheckmarkplz:Gifts=Art trades, birthday greetings/salutations, anything you’re giving to somebody relatively for free.

:iconwarningsignplz: Don’t go bothering/spamming the fellow members/other artists featured in this folder for free commissions/free art/art-trades/collaborations, or anything else like that if they have already made it clear that they are not interested/are already booked up with requests! Just because they have made something for someone else does not mean they can/will for you. If we find out you are harassing our members like that, we will have you reported and banned from the group!:iconwarningsignplz:

Contest Entries ==>

Got some awesome pictures lined up that you made for that friend's contest, or anyone's contest for that matter? Well then this is the place for you!

:star::star::star: Please note that we do not want contests announcements in this folder, we are strictly looking for contest entries. If you have an contest that you’d like to announce, you can submit the journal entry into the “Advertisements” folder.:star::star::star:

:iconcheckmarkplz: So long as it is something that you have made and entered into a contest, it is acceptable. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: We cannot keep up with every single contest that goes on around DA, so you MUST state in some way, shape, or form who’s contest it is for/link to the contest announcement in your description for us to accept it. If it is unclear that it is a contest entry, chances are we will not accept your submission here. :iconletter-xplz:

Cosplay ==>

This folder is reserved for the art of costumery which resembles characters both iconic and little know in popular culture.

:iconcheckmarkplz: in other words its letting your inner nerd run loose and accurately dressing up like your favorite character from a video game, movie, manga/anime, or comic book. Fursuites/fursonas are fine here since technically that’s dressing up as something. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Nothing skimpy/incomplete please. We’re only tolerating full costumes and prop work, not things that you threw together at the last minute before a con. :bulletred:

Please note that anything specifically about your costume/props should either be placed in the “artisan crafts” or “textiles and sewing” folders respectively

Dynamic and Action ==>

No matter if it's someone charging into battle, kicking some serious can, or just an awesome action shot that you made up, it can go here.

:iconcheckmarkplz: This can include battle scenes, crazy body positioning/dynamic poses, or something representing some serious in-your-face action/intense acting, or just pure awesomeness, it can go here so long as it does not fit the criterion to be put in another folder (such as being a contest entry, gift/art trade, or commission) :bulletgreen:

Fan Art ==>

This is the folder where all tribute art can be placed.

Whether you're a fan of a certain comic book character, T.V. show, movie trilogy, game franchise, or just an all around fanatic of pop culture, then your art can be proudly displayed here.

:bulletorange: We can’t always tell the difference between fan-made art and professional-grade/original work, so if there are any professionals in the group who contribute their original comic book work, please let us know who you are and we will consider letting you submit your work to the “cartoons and comics” folder if you prefer (or if enough of you speak up, we may consider making a new folder just for your art) .:bulletorange:

:bulletyellow: Also, please note that any art depicting famous actors out of costume/character roles should go to the “Portraits and People” folder. :bulletyellow:

:bulletblue: Please note that anything from a Manga/Anime movie/series/game/whatever, can go in the “Manga and Anime” folder. This is not mandatory, but is preferred to make sure things are kept in groups of the same kind of art. :bulletblue:

:iconletter-xplz: Our admins can’t know about every single pop culture reference out there, so you must make it clear in your description what your fan art is of/from. :bulletred:

We've had a lot of trouble with this folder as you can tell XD

Fantasy ==>

If it is straight out of a story book, fresh from a fairy tale, has religious symbolism, or was inspired by mythology, it goes here!

:iconcheckmarkplz:That includes, but is not limited to, gods, angels, demons, dragons, witches, wizards, unicorns, fairies, goblins, dwarves, trolls, giants, vampires, werewolves, griffins, manticores, sytrs, fawns, centaur, etc.:bulletgreen:

:star::star::star: Depending on the content/context of your work/description, fantasy-like work may be allowed to go/belong in other folders, such as “abstract and surrealism,” “landscapes and settings,” or “people and portraits” folders :star::star::star:

Featured ==>

The Admins of Art-Unite are always on the lookout for the best art deviants have to offer in their galleries. Please note that you cannot submit to this folder! The Featured Folder is for the admin’s choice only! If you have a suggestion for a certain deviation, send the group a note with a link to the piece and the admins will determine whether it will be included or not.

:star::star::star: If/when the group decides to host a member feature, part of the privilege will involve 3 of the best pieces from said member’s gallery being included in the featured folder. However, features are still strictly the admins choice, and members may not suggest themselves for a feature. :star::star::star:

Figurines ==>

This folder is for 3D models of characters from pop-culture and/or small-scale sculptures so long as the theme behind the sculpture does not fit in any other folder

:iconcheckmarkplz: replicas/models depicting anime/characters, as well as other kinds of ceramic figures/dolls or otherwise. Custom bionicles can also be placed here since they cannot be considered artisan crafts. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Also, please do not place any sculptures in this folder that do not portray a figure from pop-culture in this folder. If the sculpture is of anything else/depicts anything other than a popular character, it should go to the “artisan crafts,” or “fan art” folder respectively. :bulletred:

Flash and Animation ==>

If you are submitting something that is a gif, has a changing background, or has any movement in it whatsoever, it goes here.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Pretty much anything goes here; however, there MUST be something in thecontent itself that has to move in some way!:bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: No progression Flash. Since the final products are still pictures it does not count. Progression Flash should go in the “sketches and WIP’s” folder :bulletred:

Horror and Macabre ==>

Whether it's a picture of something out of your worst nightmares, straight out of a horror film, is in any way creepy, dark, blood and gory, or contains something sinister, it has a special place in hell- er I mean here!

:iconcheckmarkplz: Zombies (:star:it does not matter who they are zombies of, since zombies are usually associated with the horror genre, they need to go here :star:), hack-and-slash characters, phobia illustrations, blood and gore-fests, ghosts, goblins, demons, haunted graveyards/houses, the occult, whatever makes your skin crawl! :bulletgreen:

:star::star::star: Be sure to include a filter on things that may be too gruesome. We’re allowing a bit of darkness, but we don’t want to see any Saw-level sick and twisted kind of darkness here please. :star::star::star:

Landscapes and Settings==>

This folder is for anything/anywhere that takes in wide open spaces without any interference from people or obstacles.  :star: Don't have anything in the near foreground; this is a folder that focuses specifically on the landscape itself. Having something in the foreground usually distracts from the rest of the natural beauty that the landscape has to offer.

:iconcheckmarkplz: natural landscapes, sunsets, horizons, Urban settings such as streets, city outlines, or any other wide range shot. We also accept cosmic/space/other worldly and/or dimensional art, so long as it has something to do with a setting/landscape specifically. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Close up/focus shots of specific parts of a landscape (flower, crack in the sidewalk, etc) should be submitted to the “Macro” folder. :bulletred:

Literature ==>

Have a story that you'd like to share? Well then this folder is the one that you're looking for! We accept all forms of literature!

:iconcheckmarkplz: short stories, newspaper-style articles, blogs, novel chapters, poems, ballads, epics, screen plays/scripts, fan fiction, or just a rant about your pet peeves. :bulletgreen:

:star::star::star: Keep in mind though that any literature still must follow group rules, so nothing hateful/offensive! Also, please keep in mind that any writing that has heavy sexual content needs a filter and/or should be placed in the “Mature” folder. :star::star::star:

Macro ==>

We're ready for our close up!

Rather, we're ready for yours. This folder is dedicated to all things that are up-close and personal. Whether it's an interestingly shaped leaf, crack in a side walk, the tiniest of detail in nature, or whatever! If it requires you and your camera to get up in something’s personal bubble, or it's a picture that crops in on something super specific about a subject, then it has a home here.

:bulletred: Subject matter must not fit the criterion of any other folder first before it can be acceptable to be placed here (i.e. no figurines, jewelry, micro-sculpture, or man-made art that requires zooming in to depict clearly):bulletred:

Manga and Anime ==>

This folder is dedicated to the unique Japanese illustrative style.

This folder can be a dimi-fan art folder for art portraying characters from a Manga or Anime series/game, but can also double as a place to share the manga style story pages if you do not wish to share them in the Comic folder.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Any submissions to this folder must have an obvious anime style to it/must state that it is from a particular anime/manga/game/whatever because sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between established work and the things you are trying to develop by yourselves. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Again, our admins can’t know about every single pop culture/fandom reference out there, so please make it clear in your description what anime you are referencing in your art. If we can’t tell where it is from, it may end up being rejected/placed somewhere different.

Mature ==>

Everybody has a little bit of a pervy side, and this is the folder to show it off at…within reason! Anything requiring a nudity, sexual themes, and/or ideological sensitive filter can find a home here. Keep it as PG-13 as possible please.

:iconcheckmarkplz: We are allowing pin ups, other mildly suggestive material, and partial nudity. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Nothing explicit/in your face, such as any full frontal nudity, fetishes or deeply sexual content! :bulletred:

Original Characters ==>

Character stat pages, full body design sheets, or just your character doing their own thing.

As long as it is a character that has come from YOUR OWN imagination, it can go here.

:iconcheckmarkplz: This folder is only for characters that you have designed for your own use. So long as you state in your description somewhere that it is your own original character, it goes here. It does not matter if it is an animal, mythical creature, fan character, or whatever else it may be, so long as it is a character that you made, this is the right folder for you. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: If you are submitting a deviation that contains a character that is not yours, but you have had permission to use/draw (such as a commission/art-trade), you must say who’s character it is and the reason behind you using it. Submissions of that kind should be placed in the “Commissions and Gifts” or “Contest Entries” folder respectively.
:star::star::star: If your submission features your own character hanging out (or otherwise) with another character, you must make it clear to us that the focus behind your deviation is about your character specifically, and not the other one (Unless it is for a contest/commission, in which case if you have stated in your description that is what it was for, then those stipulation take precedence, and you must submit to the “Commissions and Gifts” or “Contest Entries” folder respectively.) :bulletred:

Portraits and People ==>

This is the folder where pictures whose subject matter revolves around a person/figure that is in it. Typically any pictures from the waist up or closer are acceptable.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Busts, portraitures (duh), close up shots, or anything else depicting a person specifically. The portrait itself may contain other themes (such as fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) so long as the majority of the picture focuses on the portrait/person. :bulletgreen:

:star::star::star:  To qualify as a portrait it must contain an entire person's profile/be recognizable as a figure. Close-ups of an eye, nose, ear, etc does not count and should be placed in the “Macro” folder. :star::star::star:

Seasonal ==>

Do you have a certain holiday that you love to celebrate? Do you have some art that shows that love? Well show it off here! This folder is for all things season related!

:iconcheckmarkplz: Anything depicting something from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, new years, St. Valentine’s day, St. Patrick's day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc. Anything that has a festival of celebration (with the exceptions of birthdays) can go here.:bulletgreen:

:star::star::star: Please note that seasonal-themed contest material should go in the “Contest Entries” folder, since having a link to the contest takes precedence over the content in your art in such cases. :star::star::star:

Sketches and WIPs ==>

This folder is for pictures that are still largely in the line art stages of production. Whether you were just working on technical sketches for practice, working on a general base for future projects, or just a doodle that you did in the margins of your notebook to kill time, then it goes here.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Progression sequences/flash are also acceptable to this folder.:bulletgreen:

:star::star::star: Remember, group rules state that photos with poor resolution/quality, crooked/bowed/images of your work that show too much background, or shots that include clues of your work area (i.e., there are materials in the shot as well) will not be accepted into the general gallery; however, if those kinds of pictures are the best you can do to document your work, we will allow you to submit them to this folder until you can upgrade your tech. :star::star::star:

Still Lifes and Figure Drawing==>

Have you taken an art class recently that made you do boring projects like draw/paint a bowl of fruit/a live model? Well then this is the place to show it off! Not so much in to that sort of thing, but need to find a reference to give that project you’re working on that last little something? Well this is a great place to look for the perfect pose or random object arrangement to give your project the finishing touches!

:iconcheckmarkplz: As the title states, still lives and figure drawings  are acceptable. Stock and resource images can also be submitted here as long as the content of the images follow still life and figure drawing criterion (i.e. they must be of posing models or objects that have been arranged in a specific/artistic fashion.):bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Stock images must not have any other elements or meet the criterion of other folders in order to be included in this folder (i.e. contain mainly fantasy themes, are primarily landscapes/settings, focus on animals, etc.) :bulletred:

:iconwarningsignplz: Regarding any stock images that might find their way into our gallery; just because it is a stock image/resource does NOT mean that it is free to use as you please. You must get permission from the image’s owner before you use the image. If we find out that you are stealing from our members, we will have you reported and immediately banned from the group!!!:iconwarningsignplz:

Textiles and Sewing ==>

If it requires fabric, yarn, a needle or thread and anything and everything else that constitutes the art of sewing and the like, it goes here.

:iconcheckmarkplz: Costumery (specifically the costume, nothing that is actually being worn unless it is on a fitting manikin) plushies, rocheting, knitting, quilting, needle point, leather-working, tie-dye  etc.

:bulletgreen: Silk work is also acceptable (i.e. custom textile patterns/silk-painting) :bulletgreen:

World and Cultural ==>

Countries all around the world lay claim to their own unique styles. Since not everyone can afford the luxury of going there to discover what those are for themselves, we rely on looking through the windows of the world through your art! If it reflects one of those unique experiences that you’ve had on your own travels, or if it happens to be something right out of your own back yard that reflects your culture, it goes here!

:iconcheckmarkplz: Icons from cultural tradition (such as statues of historical figures), architecture, calligraphy, or traditional dress/decor/style are acceptable here. :bulletgreen:

:iconletter-xplz: Sorry, but please make sure your art isn’t too touristy (i.e. includes pictures of you and/or your family doing cliché poses with/around national monuments) And again, group rule prohibit anything offensive, so we do to want to see anything mocking other people’s culture/beliefs. :bulletred:

Okay, I think that's about it. :phew: I've probably overwhelmed you enough for right now ^^;

We realize that our new system isn't perfect, and there'll probably be plenty of bugs that we'll have to work out as we go along. But, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the new system the group has, please feel free to let us know! We work to make everything works out as smoothly as possible for you guys.

Thank you for your time and let’s keep those submissions coming!!!

:iconback-off-i-bite: The Big Boss of :iconart-unite:
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Akemi117 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need help with a drawing,where can I post in the group? :D [I'm totally new to DA and art]
Back-Off-I-Bite Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Student General Artist
I apologize for the incredibly late response friend ^^;

Which picture(s) are you trying to submit to our group? I will be happy to tell you which folders best fit your potential submissions.
LAN0RA Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello and welcome to Art Unite and DeviantArt! :D

first, make sure you have joined the group. Find the "join" button on the group home page. 

1) go to the drawing you wish to submit to the group
2) to the right of the drawing when you have clicked on it and you are viewing it, there should be a place where you can submit to groups. Select the button that says, " +Add to group"
3) a box will pop up and you should click into the space that says, "Type a group name"
you can then type the exact name of the group, "Art-Unite" you don't have to use capital letters, but you do need to include the dash. then click the "check" box. It will search to make sure you are a member of the group. 
4) The group logo should pop up and you can then select the correct folder for your work. You should review the folder descriptions and rules of our group before submitting any work. You risk getting your work rejected if submitted to a wrong folder. 


folder descriptions: go to each folder of the group and read what's inside. 

Hope this is helpful :)
Chentzu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the request! :)
Back-Off-I-Bite Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Certainly :D Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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