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The Big Boss






First off Happy Belated New Years to everyone!

Sorry for the unexpected/unannounced hiatus. The end of the year is a busy time for us all sometimes plus being out of town and not near a proper computer makes for a difficult time to try and update XD Apologies about all of the expired correspondence messages some of you have gotten too. They backed up faster than I anticipated, and I could not properly respond to them in time. But I have sent out requests so you don't have to worry about re-submitting again, we would still like them to be included in our gallery after all :pat:

Anyways, on to the exiting stuff! :iconexplodelaplz:

Quick recap of 2014, just for the heck of it:

Lots of artists have come and gone.
The group steadily growing
Lots of good art has been shared
The group got some new management
Lots of moving and shaking trying to get the group back on track
And that's pretty much it....
Not a very exciting year :grump:

Well this year it's going to be a whole lot different!!!!

First up, as some of you may have noticed, the new year has already brought changes to the group.



What does that mean for you, you might ask? :?

Well... not much really,
only that your art will be seen by way more people now!
...Super Groups are super exclusive apparently. :icondragonnod1:

Now, the group's still nothing much to look at for the time being. But we'll be working on spicing everything up real soon!:iconintenseworkingplz: :iconfellawork-plz:

Other things to be looking forward to in the new year:

1) New Art- as always, getting in new submissions is our top priority around here.
2) Admin Opportunities- With the group expected to grow a whole lot more, We can use an extra hand around here to help keep everything straight.
3)  Features- to be discussed later on
4) Clean Up- probably going to be doing a bit more re-organizing and tidying up now that we're a super group again.

Oh, and there's just one more thing I almost forgot to mention....


That's right people. We think it's long overdue that this group start having contests again! Everybody loves a good contest, am I right?:iconinuclapplz: We're all hoping that a few good contests will really jump-start the group's activity again.

Which brings me to another order of business....

Get Active Or Else!!!!

Seriously though people, activity in the group has only improved slightly since I've taken over, and I know this group has the potential to be a lot more productive!
It's like a ghost town in here!:iconyoyoghostplz:
I've noticed that a lot of our members haven't even contributed anything to the group! :icondragonshock:
I mean, what's the point of joining a group if you're not going to share anything!?! You're better off just watching the group and going on your way! Don't waist our time and give us false hope that you're going to submit something and then never do. :icontableflipitplz:
Sure, people mostly join groups because they notice that the member numbers are high, and they feel welcome to share their art and boost their faves... But I feel like I'd be lying to them by getting them to think that any of those members are even active!
People join groups to get their art noticed and WANT people to make comments on them :icondragonyell:
And that can't happen unless you people are active!!!

Sure, I realize that things happen that keep people from doing things in groups:
:bulletblue: They join a lot of groups and forget that ours even exists
:bulletred: They think that their art isn't good enough to be part of the group
:bulletblue: They feel like they don't have enough art to share in the group
:bulletred: They join DA, and then forget that they even have an account at all
:bulletblue: They log out of their accounts and forget their passwords
:bulletred: They've deactivated their account altogether
:bulletblue: They get hacked and locked out of their accounts
:bulletred: Or they just have no interests about their activity levels here and log on once a year, if that!

There are a lot of reasons that people aren't active, whatever their reasons may be. And frankly, I don't care much about any of it.


If the point of joining our group was to get your art recognized, then why haven't you done it yet!?! We SUPPORT ALLkinds of art here!
If you're not serious about your art, then I don't think this is the right group for you. :iconfoxshakeplz::iconextremeshakefistplz::iconshakecookieplz:
By all means watch us if you're interested in seeing some awesome art :iconpocketwatchplz::iconglompwatcherplz:, but if you're not interested in submitting art, you're better off going elsewhere :iconevilmonkeyplz: :iconmingoutplz:
As for the rest of you people who actually ARE member of the group, STOP BEING LAZY!!!!!! I know you've got to have SOMETHING you want to share! Don't be shy people!!!!! :eager: Make it part of your new years resolution to submit something to the group!
I know its usually against groups policies to kick people off unless they have to, but I won't be afraid to start giving people the boot here. Numbers don't mean anything if the majority of those people aren't doing anything anyways. We don't need any dead weight here!

Mini-rant aside, we're all looking forward to all of the exciting changes that will be happening this year!
I hope all of your new years have started off so-far-so-good, and only get better going from there!

:iconback-off-i-bite: The Big Boss of :iconart-unite:
Yeah, that name's a whole lot better! :iconherotimeplz:
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A group for all artists to come together and unite together to help each other. Whether you are an amateur or professional artist this Group can be the right place for you.
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Akemi117 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need help with a drawing,where can I post in the group? :D [I'm totally new to DA and art]
Back-Off-I-Bite Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Student General Artist
I apologize for the incredibly late response friend ^^;

Which picture(s) are you trying to submit to our group? I will be happy to tell you which folders best fit your potential submissions.
LAN0RA Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello and welcome to Art Unite and DeviantArt! :D

first, make sure you have joined the group. Find the "join" button on the group home page. 

1) go to the drawing you wish to submit to the group
2) to the right of the drawing when you have clicked on it and you are viewing it, there should be a place where you can submit to groups. Select the button that says, " +Add to group"
3) a box will pop up and you should click into the space that says, "Type a group name"
you can then type the exact name of the group, "Art-Unite" you don't have to use capital letters, but you do need to include the dash. then click the "check" box. It will search to make sure you are a member of the group. 
4) The group logo should pop up and you can then select the correct folder for your work. You should review the folder descriptions and rules of our group before submitting any work. You risk getting your work rejected if submitted to a wrong folder. 


folder descriptions: go to each folder of the group and read what's inside. 

Hope this is helpful :)
Chentzu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the request! :)
Back-Off-I-Bite Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Certainly :D Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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